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Letters from the Birds, 2014-2019

This work was inspired by sorting through  boxes of letters, diaries and other mementos from my childhood. I enjoyed delving into memories long forgotten, seeing the handwriting and hearing the voice of relatives that are no longer with us through old letters, maps and other keepsakes. Thinking of my past, I was drawn to painting birds, childhood pets that have always captivated me for their personalities and expressions and the many cultures that associate them as spiritual messengers from the dead. The encaustic medium allows for layers and also seals and veils the images, much like the hazy remembrances of times and people from my history. I enjoyed incorporating little snippets of old letters, old maps of places where I have spent time and antique books and magazine pages- giving new life to these ‘old” things, serving as a bridge and connecting the past to the present. These little paintings feel like letters from a long time ago, hazy in their faded imagery and slightly bittersweet. 

Bee and Ben Franklin, 2017 (sold)
Sunflowers and Goldfinches, 2018 16" x 60"
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